Abstain From Every Form of Evil, Revised

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Twenty-one lessons on moral issues facing all Christians. An especially good workbook for teenagers. Adults will also profit greatly from a study of this material.

Lessons and Authors:

    1. Authority in Bible Ethics, Guthrie D. Dean
    2. Basis of Christian Ethics, Norman Midgette
    3. Situation Ethics, Weldon E. Warnock
    4. Drug Abuse, James R. McCain, M.D.
    5. Marijuana, Keith Clayton
    6. Drinking, Jack Kirby
    7. Smoking Curtis J. Torno, M.D.
    8. Fornication and Adultery, T. G. O'Neal
    9. Living in Adultery, J. T. Smith
    10. Abortion, Bob Buchanan
    11. Pornography, Dennis C. Abernathy
    12. Homosexuality, Mark Mayberry
    13. Dancing, Marshall E. Patton
    14. Immodest Dress, Jefferson David Tant
    15. Swimsuit Question, Ron Halbrook
    16. Dishonesty, S. Leonard Tyler
    17. Shoplifting, Jerry Parks
    18. Is Gambling Right?, Larry Ray Hafley
    19. Profanity, David Dann
    20. Respectable Worldliness, Hiram Hutto
    21. Gospel Preacher Cannot Compromise on Worldliness, Mike Willis

126 pages. Workbook.

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