About Us

One Stone provides study materials for all ages, including workbooks, children's curricula, study aids, teachers' supplies, and much more. We will provide edifying resources to everyone, including the Bible skeptic, the new convert, and the servant of Christ. Although our storefront is in Bowling Green, KY, our OneStone.com website will cater to the needs of Bible students all over the world. From entire congregations to the individual, we're dedicated to servicing each and every customer.

One Stone is an independently owned and operated company, built from the ground up. We’re excited to bring you a new option in the conservative Biblical resources market. Thank you for your support and please visit us often. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing many new features we think you’ll benefit from.

Mission Statement

One Stone’s mission is to be the trusted first choice for those seeking conservative biblical resources and supplies. One Stone provides Bible-based products that aid in evangelism, encourage each individual Christian’s spiritual development, and foster growth in the body of Christ. Toward this end, we will not only listen to our customers and authors, but embrace the idea that One Stone Biblical Resources is at their service.

The Name "One Stone"

Intrigued by the name “One Stone”? We picked it because it represents various scriptural ideas:

  • David needed one stone and faith in the God of Israel to defeat Goliath
  • Christ is the chief cornerstone
  • Christians are living stones
  • The stone that was rolled away from Christ’s tomb symbolizes the ultimate victory of God