Walking By Faith

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When controversy and differences are on every hand and when the peace of God’s people is jeopardized, it is highly proper that such a class book as Walking by Faith be placed in the hands of every child of God. Churches may wisely conduct earnest and careful studies of controverted points, sifting truth from error, striving constantly to bring forth the exact teaching of God’s word on all matters of difference. The two fundamental concepts which Christians have always held—the absolute authority of the word and the firm conviction that the word can be understood—make it forever impossible that God’s people shall divide over any point of Bible teaching. For when any difference arises among them, they immediately resort to the Bible with the query, “What saith the Scriptures?” And they continue their study until there is unity of understanding as to Bible teaching. Once that unity is reached, the matter is settled.

Walking by Faith will prove invaluable in such a study. It is prepared for the very purpose of eliciting Bible truth on certain controverted questions. The open mind and the honest heart cannot fail to be helped by its use.

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