Fearless: Deeds of the Defenders VBS Sample Kit


AP’s new FEARLESS VBS is here! The sample kit will help your congregation to make the best decision for your VBS. Each sample kit comes with teachers’ manuals, student workbooks, a director’s manual, and much more. What better way to evaluate your VBS needs than having the material in your hands to view and sample?

In this New Testament-based study, you and your students will follow some of the most faithful Christians in the book of Acts, and see how you can build the same kind of FEARLESS faith that they had! By studying Luke’s Scripture, students will learn about the amazing ACCURACY of the book of Acts, and why starting with the truth is the first step to building faith. They will take a closer look at Peter’s sermon and see why it is so important to pay ATTENTION while building their faith. They will learn the importance of having a constant AWARENESS of Jesus as part of their faith through the example of Stephen. They will see Aquila and Priscilla’s example of what it looks like to be AVAILABLE to serve God faithfully. Finally, they will see several examples in Paul’s life of why a FEARLESS faith is a faith that takes ACTION!

The FEARLESS VBS package is a fun, Bible-based, practical, and age-appropriate way to equip all ages for a lifetime of faith. It will excite and inspire everyone in your congregation to serve God more fearlessly!

Do you have what it takes to be fearless?

Lesson 1: Luke's Scripture

Lesson 2: Peter's Sermon

Lesson 3: Stephen's Speech

Lesson 4: Aquila & Priscilla's Service

Lesson 5: Paul's System

Each VBS sample kit includes:

  • Director’s Manual
  • Skit Manual
  • Preschool Teacher’s Manual (Ages 3-4)
  • 1 Preschool Workbook (with 5-pack of FEARLESS Illustrated)
  • Primary Teacher’s Manual (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)
  • 1 Primary Workbook (with 5-pack of FEARLESS Illustrated)
  • Intermediate Teacher’s Manual (3rd-4th Grade)
  • 1 Intermediate Workbook (with 5-pack of FEARLESS Illustrated)
  • Junior Teacher’s Manual (5th-6th Grade)
  • 1 of each Junior Workbook (5 in all)
  • Teen Teacher’s Manual (7th-12th Grade)
  • 1 of each Teen Workbooks (5 in all)
  • Adult Teacher’s Manual
  • 1 “Fearless” Decoration/Advertising Poster (24″x36″)

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