Troubling Questions for Calvinists

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What are the hard questions typically never asked by Calvinists? Why do so many Calvinists live as if they were not Calvinists, and so many non-Calvinists live as if they were? Is it really possible to be just a three-point or two-point Calvinist? In what ways does the problem of sin challenge even non-Calvinists? Do we sin because we are sinners, or are we sinners because we sin? Is it possible to live without sinning? Troubling Questions for Calvinists is uniquely designed to ask the hard questions that rarely seem to be addressed about one of religion's most popular belief systems. Even Calvinism's milder forms raise troubling questions about the nature of God, Christ's atoning death, and the nature of man. Yet, non-Calvinists often share many of the same assumptions underlying Calvinism, such as the doctrine of original sin, innate depravity, and the impossibility of falling way from faith. Can those doctrines withstand close scrutiny?