Simplified Summary of the Old Testament, Revised and Expanded

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A quick reference tool for study of the Old Testament 2nd edition

This 150-page bookl summarizes the unifying theme of the Old Testament—God's patient development of a relationship with mankind—while detailing the chronology of its history. Every major character and event in the Old Testament is shown in its historical setting, in a visually simple format that is easy to process. Side-by-side displays of the Divided Kingdom clarify the chronology of Judah and Israel, with the prophets placed in their proper time frame. Background data, such as information on pagan deities and rulers of world empires, helps to put Biblical accounts in their context. A comprehensive index of Biblical characters helps you quickly access specific accounts. Each section includes space for personal notes so you can document your own study.

Revised edition includes:

  • 25% more material than the first edition (150 pages total)
  • Same spiral bound format and size
  • Timelines and many additional charts added
  • Comprehensive index
  • Key scriptures outline God’s plan
  • Tips on how to study the Bible

Supported by detailed historical research, yet simplified for rapid reference, this booklet puts all the most important data of the Old Testament at your fingertips. The 5 ½" x 8 ½" spiral-bound format can easily be slipped into your Bible cover for reference during studies away from home.

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