Seeking a Life That Counts - Ecclesiates

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Finding True Happiness : A Study of Ecclesiastes

This Old Testament book hold the key to finding peace and contentment in modern life. You really can find true happiness - you just have to look in the right place.

Each chapter includes questions for group and personal reflection.

  • Seeking Happiness, Finding Misery
  • Seeking Purpose, Finding Futility
  • Seeking Fulfillment, Finding Regret
  • Seeking Life, Finding Death
  • Seeking Success, Finding Failure
  • Seeking Control, Finding Chaos
  • Seeking Clarity, finding Confusion
  • Seeking Opportunities, Finding Dead Ends
  • Seeking Answers, Finding Questions
  • Seeking Reason, Finding Insanity
  • Seeking Guidance, Finding Truth
  • Seeking Honesty, Finding Hope
  • Seeking God, Finding Happiness

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