More Than a Hero: Dare to Be A Real Dad - 101 Quick-Read Devotionals

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It is a relatively simple matter for most men to become biological fathers. But our God wants us to be more than just donors. He calls ordinary men to become extraordinary fathers. You are charged to become the father of a son or daughter of God--a prince or princess of heaven--for they are, in truth, His children only put into your temporary care. Admittedly, being a hero is no easy task. You need God's help every day to step up to the plate and accept this vital leadership role.

In More Than a Hero, Clint Gann provides insightful glimpses into fatherhood with 101 practical and thought-provoking devotionals, which include these elements:

  • A scripture for the day is the basis for the day's thoughts, prayers, and focus.
  • A short, quick-read devotional helps you focus on God and your children.
  • A prayer starter leads you into a conversation with your own Father where you can express thanks, offer praise, and ask for help.
  • Reflect and Respond presents questions, application ideas, fun activities, and concepts to guide and challenge you as you put these thoughts into action in your own life.

  • Once you really get into being a real dad, you'll find that it's far and away the greatest adventure of your lifetime. Nothing else compares to the thrill and challenge you'll experience when you become a dad your children will admire and want to emulate.

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