King David OT Bible lessons (includes Psalms) CD


Reproducible Worksheets (cd) includes 2 sections - one for grades 1-4 and one for grades 5-8. Good for multi-age classes. This cd's worksheets emphasize the need to obey God. David's disobedience and repentance are tactfully covered.

The CD makes it much easier to provide you with many different types of learning experiences for your students. And if you have access to a color printer, there are many activities that you will enjoy printing in color. They will also print well in black and white.

Lessons Include:

  1. Check It Out!
  2. David Made a Bad Choice
  3. Nathan's Parable Tells of David's Sin
  4. Absalom the Rebel
  5. Which Son?
  6. Plans for a Temple
  7. The Psalms
  8. Choose Good Friends
  9. My Shepherd
  10. Love God's Law
  11. The Glory of God
  12. God Is Great
  13. Review Baseball Game