If Mama Ain't Happy

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Warning: If you're grouchy, pessimistic, defeated, worried, stubborn, impatient, critical, greedy, complaining, pouting, or self-serving, you'd better watch out. This book's going to get you!

Is Mama looking for happiness in all the wrong places? Is she worrying? depressed? unforgiving? stubborn? self-righteous? or greedy? If Mama is lacking a sense of humor, this book is not for her. Helpings of humor served up alongside the serious consequences in store when we don't choose joy. Celine says, "What we view as negatives are nothing but a lack of appreciation for the positives staring us in the face!" Certainly, we all have some suffering, but we also have a perfect example of the One who endured the most horrible suffering "for the joy set before Him." This book holds many keys to making choices that bring great joy. Great book for personal study or Bible classes.

13 chapters and thought questions.

For the Christian, whose sins are washed forever away, who awaits a spot at the welcome table, the pity party has been replaced. We have a genuine happiness that outlives the plastic kind, that absorbs the tears, and refocuses the heart. This book shouts, ''Yoohoo! The party's over here!'' to women looking for that breed of happiness.
-Celine Sparks

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