Head Coverings of I Corinthians 11

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  • What did Paul mean by saying that the woman should cover her head when praying or prophesying?
  • Why did he say that the man must not cover his head?
  • Were these instructions only for the people of Corinth?
  • Or were they only for the people of the first century?
  • Or were these instructions which we must be careful to obey today?

These and other questions are carefully considered in "The Head Coverings of 1 Corinthians 11." Of great value is the material showing what the head covering customs were at Corinth. Rome and in first century society in general. You may be startled to find that Roman men were required to cover their heads when worshiping idols. You may be interested in the evidence of statues and paintings.

These and other things in this book will keep the Christian very interested. Thoughtful, reasonable, scriptural⁠—this is how you will find this book. Whether you agree with the conclusions or not, you will find your thinking changed. This book will be a help to you.

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