Fill My Heart: Growing up in the Lord

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Not everyone is blessed to grow up in a Christian home or attend a Christian school. Many did not have Bible study in everyday life. It is easy to become overwhelmed with what we do not know:
  • What does confession truly mean?
  • How do I teach others the gospel?
  • How do I study God’s Word?
  • Why should I believe the internal evidence of the Bible?
  • How was it possible for Isaiah, Daniel, and others to write of events that did not occur until hundreds of years after their deaths?
  • How do I know when I am pleasing to God?
Fill My Heart will help any Christian in all these areas and more. Each of the 13 lessons ends with a section called “Growing Heart Habits.” Learn how to study the Bible by focusing on just one word or one book of the Bible or one chapter of a book. All that’s needed is a spiral notebook and a pen.

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