Egermeier's Bible Story Book - Revised Edition Hardback

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A complete narration from Genesis to Revelation for young and old. Egermeier's Bible Story Book has sold nearly three million copies and continues to be America's favorite Bible story book.

It has 312 stories that cover the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Younger children will sit spellbound as you read these stories to them. Older children who read for themselves will return to Egermeier's again and again.

Question & Answers - Reinforce Bible learning with this helpful resource

Helpful Bible Information includes:

  • How we got the Bible
  • Books of the Bible and their history
  • Interesting facts about the Bible
  • Great Old and New Testament prayers Maps - Color-coded and enlarged for easy, useful reference

    Parents, teachers, and ministers find Egermeier's Bible Story Book invaluable as an aid in the total development of children. It is free of doctrinal bias, and covers the entire Bible in chronological order, giving readers a better understanding of Bible history.

    You'll also find 122 full page, full color illustrations by well-known British artist Clive Uptton.

    Recommended for ages 5 and up.

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