Echoes From the Nine Foot Road

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An autobiography from Connie W. Adams. A Personal History of Gospel Preaching and Issues of Concern From 1945-2009. From the foreword: For a number of years, friends and family members have urged me to write this book. I have delayed until now partly because I did not want to be thought presumptuous or vain or on some sort of ego trip. Over the years, while visiting in many homes during meetings, some incident would be related, either humorous or historical, and someone would say, “You ought to write a book.” My life and work have brought me into contact with a number of interesting people who have had, in one way or another, a marked influence on the Lord’s work for over sixty years. Chapter Titles:

  • My First Meeting
  • How It All Began
  • School on the Banks of the Hillsborough River
  • Confronting Divisive Issues
  • Local Preaching
  • Preaching in the Land of the Midnight Sun
  • Readjusting
  • From Gatorland to Buckeye Country
  • Moving To Bluegrass Country
  • Till Death Do Us Part
  • The Gospel Is For All
  • In Journeyings Often
  • A Time To Laugh
  • The Printed Page
  • The Winds of Change
  • Toward The Sunset Candid and penetrating, the author writes in the context of a historical period that many fail to grasp. While professional historians seek to capture the 20th century among churches of Christ from an academic perspective, Adams offers on-the-ground insight of one who came of age during the last half-century. His treatment of the attitudes and issues of the 1950’s and 1960’s may be one of the plainest yet.— Wilson Adams, Editor of Biblical Insights Connie Adams’ autobiography allows the reader to relive the mid-20th century to the early 21st century through the eyes of a gospel preacher. At times one’s eyes will fill with tears and at other times roar with laughter as he reads the experiences of a gospel preacher dedicated to the service of the Lord. Connie’s life experiences make his autobiography interesting, informative, and pleasurable reading..— Mike Willis, Editor of Truth Magazine Connie Adams’ reminisces of more than sixty years working for the Lord will be difficult to put down once you begin reading. While it recounts the joys and struggles of its author, it encourages zeal for preaching the gospel and kindles a stronger desire among the faithful to stand up for the cause we love. Brother Adams explains many issues and expresses his viewpoints related to an important generation of Christians. It should be read not only by those who have lived alongside brother Adams but by younger members of the Lord’s family as well.— Colly G. Caldwell, President of Florida College