Behold! The Lamb of God

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Exploring the Historicity, Deity, and Personality of Christ

First-century Christians were able and willing to give a reasonable defense for their belief in Christ as the Son of God. Are Christians in the twenty-first century able to do the same? What prophecies did Christ fulfill? What miracles did He work? How is it that centuries before the time of Christ, stories were rehearsed among pagans of “crucified, resurrected, savior gods”? What makes Jesus different from everyone else in human history? Or, is He really all that different? Is the view of Christ presented in books like The Da Vinci Code accurate?

The person of Jesus Christ is the most outstanding, positive manifestation of God’s care that our lost and sinful world has ever known. Behold! The Lamb of God presents a well-documented, persuasive case for the historicity, deity, and uniqueness of Jesus Christ. The reader will be brought forcefully face-to-face with the compelling question: What do you think of Christ?

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