Heaven: O For a Home With God

by Klein
SKU 19334

The study of heaven from a Biblical perspective is of eternal importance. Yet, this vital topic is often neglected in personal study and public Bible classes. In "HEAVEN: O For a Home with God," the authors challenge us to see heaven from a Biblical viewpoint.

With 13 Scripture-filled chapters, this devotional study guide helps the reader understand what heaven is really like and to discover how, through God's grace, he or she can truly obtain a home with God.

As Bill Hall writes in the foreword, "This book reminds us of the value of heaven as seen in all that God did in making it possible for us to be saved, cleansed, justified, and fitted for that abode. We are also reminded that while our hope is in God's grace and love, we must take up our cross and follow our Lord if we are to find comfort and assurance in that hope."

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