Fish Out of Water

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Surviving and Thriving As A Christian on a Secular Campus

So you're ready for the next chapter in your life. Well, if you're a Christian heading to campus for the first time, there are several things you need to know about living your faith while surrounded by atheistic professors. Abby Nye has written a fantastic guide for college students who find their faith and values under assault from Day 1. Learn just what to expect, and how to navigate through classes while maintaining a good GPA and a positive college experience. Abby prepares new freshman (and even seasoned students!) to be able to survive and thrive in this often hostile setting.

Among the topics she covers:

  • Freshman orientation week
  • The treatment of science and faith in the classroom
  • Difficult professors and real life solutions
  • The mean forms of liberal "indoctrination"
  • Helpful campus groups and managing peer pressure

    This book is truly must reading for students embarking for any college--a valuable handbook for parents, teachers, and students alike.

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