You Can Do It

by Conchin

This workbook is a follow-up of I Can Do It, published in 1974. Like I Can Do It, this workbook may be used by teenagers, young adults, and adult groups, including women's classes. Also like I Can Do It, it contains thirteen lessons, most of which may require more than one class period to complete. In addition to the many scriptures the workbook contains, it has a number of poems and clippings from various sources. For some of these the writer could find no author's name assigned. The scriptures used in this workbook come from the King James Version.

A sequel to I Can Do It with thirteen lessons as follows:

  • You Can Stand Up and Be Counted
  • You Can Put First Things First
  • You can Avoid Being Sensitive, Jealous, and Self-Pitying
  • You Can Watch the Little Things
  • You Can Keep Yourself Unspotted from the World
  • You Can Let Your Light Shine
  • You Can Enjoy Being a Christian
  • You Can Make the Right Decisions
  • You Can Learn to Take Criticism and Profit from It
  • You Can Go the Second Mile
  • You Can Say "Thy Will Be Done"
  • You Can Try Again If You Fail
  • You Can Stop Worrying and Start Living
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