Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned But I Have Several Excellent Excuses

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People often give lame excuses for their arrogance, dishonesty, hostility, and presumptuousness. Moore challenges us to recognize such situations and to grow beyond them.

12 sessions. Includes a leader's guide.


  • Yes Lord I Have Sinned, But I Have Several Excellent Excuses!
  • The Sin of Just Talking a Good Game
  • The Sins That Reduce Us to Shameful Silence
  • The Sin of Halfheartedness
  • The Sin of Spiritual Arrogance
  • The Sins That Are Deceptive
  • The Sin of Overreaction
  • The Sin of Hostility
  • The Sin of Presumptuousness
  • The Sin of Losing Our Spiritual Balance
  • Sin...and Redemption
  • Sin...and Grace

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