With One Heart, with One Voice - Downloadable PowerPoint Presentation

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PowerPoint Lesson Presentation contains slides for each of the 13 lessons. Great for sermons and classes. Frees the teacher from slide preparation allowing more time to study the material. May be stored electronically, but not distributed.


About With One Heart, with One Voice

The admonition of Paul to be "teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs" (Col. 3:16) seems straightforward. But do we really do that? Or is our song service just catchy tunes with words attached, trite repetitions of old standards that have long since lost their meaning for us, or meaningless mutterings that just fill the gaps in our worship?

With One Heart, with One Voice will bring you back to the basics of spiritual singing. You will be introduced to some new songs and re-introduced to some older ones. You will learn a bit about hymn writerstheir stories, their backgrounds, their motivations. You will receive some basic instruction regarding what music means and how to sing it better. Most of all, though, you will come to appreciate more how the words and the music in our hymns combine to communicate God's Word and help it stick in the minds and hearts of believers.

This is a 6-month class study.

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