Will You Wipe My Tears? Helping Others Through Sorrow

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Through her experience with personal grief and how God's word can help the healing process, Joyce Jamerson learned wisdom, which she shares for the purpose of helping those who are sorrowing.

Will You Wipe My Tears? is not a memorial to a loved one lost. It is a real help, with suggestions, applications, and resources. This book is an outgrowth of presentations concerning coping with grief that were made at various ladies day studies and lectures.

13 chapters with questions for study and discussion


  • What is Grief, Anyway?
  • Illness Brings Grief Too.
  • But I Don't Know What to Say!
  • P.J.'s, Chocolate and Mac & Cheese
  • Encourage Me, Please.
  • Why?
  • It Makes Me So Mad, I Could . . .
  • I Can Wait . . . If It Doesn't Take Too Long
  • Grievers Can Still Be Happy?
  • Rebuilding the Bridge of Faith
  • Slow Me Down, So I Can Pray
  • Contentment and Joy
  • My Friend Jesus

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