When You...

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When You… by Johnie Edwards is a thirteen lesson series of outlines designed for Bible studies in the home or congregation. Each lesson is designed to be covered in one study, considering important times in life in light of our accountability before God. Lesson 1 asks the student to explore issues to consider when you become a Christian. Lesson 2 addresses attitudes one must have when reading Scripture. Lesson 3 discusses the criteria to be used when choosing a church. Lessons 4-9 deal with the proper mindset when worshiping in prayer, song, giving, observing the Lord’s Supper, and studying the Apostles’ Doctrine. Lessons 10-11 deal with family: when you marry and when you have children.  The book ends with lesson 12 warning of the danger of falling away and lesson 13 addressing preparation for death.


  • When You Become a Christian
  • When You Read
  • When You Choose a Church
  • When You Worship
  • When You Pray
  • When You Sing
  • When You Give
  • When You Eat the Lord’s Supper
  • When You Continue in the Apostles Doctrine
  • When You Marry
  • When You Have Children
  • When You Fall Away
  • When You Die