What's the Big Deal? Why God Cares About Sex - God's Design for Sex Series #3

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The God's Design for Sex series helps parents shape their children's character, particularly in the area of sexuality. Sex education in the family is less about biological information and more about shaping your child's moral character. The earlier children learn to see themselves as God does---including their sexuality---the stronger they will be as they enter the turbulent teen years.

Third in the series, this book reinforces previous instruction on the basics of sexual intercourse and the fundamental goodness of our sexuality, continues the task of deliberately building your child's understanding of why God intends sex to be reserved for marriage, and helps you begin the process of "inoculating" your child against the negative moral messages of the world. The principle of inoculation suggests that while we should not allow our children to be inundated with the destructive messages of the world, we should deliberately expose them to the contrary moral messages that they will hear in order to build up their defenses against them.

Content is presented in a question & answer format in which questions by "Sam" and "Amy" are followed by answers from "Mom" and "Dad." You can read this book with your child or have him/her read it and then discuss it with you. Each chapter is concluded with questions for discussion.

Recommended for ages 8 to 11.

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