What's A Woman To Do? Committing Yourself to God

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We can not both serve God and be of the world. A timely, hard- hitting reminder of what commitment to God requires.

130 pages


  • Introduction
  • Suggested Possible Class Activities
  • Is Life a Two-Way Street?
  • All I Have I Give to You
  • Single Doesn't Mean Suffering
  • The Two Become One
  • More Than a "Many-Splendored" Thing
  • Did You Say What I Heard?
  • Is a Battle Raging?
  • Adorned in Godliness
  • The Joy of Oneness
  • Our Most Honorable Profession
  • Win Him by Your Behavior
  • Let Not the Church Be Burdened
  • Understanding Our God-given Role
  • Epilogue

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