What The Bible Is All About: Bible Handbook for Kids

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What the Bible Is All About Bible Handbook for Kids, based on Dr. Henrietta Mears' classic Bible handbook, is a kid-friendly, visually exciting resource designed to help children, tweens and younger teens read and understand Scripture's revelation of God and His great plan of the ages to save the world.

Teachers and parents alike will appreciate this resource's appeal to young believers: What the Bible Is All About Bible Handbook for Kids is chock-full of maps, charts, time lines and fun illustrations that will help kids make sense of the Bible's big picture and see Jesus on every page!


  • An outline and list of main people in each book to help you see the entire book in a nutshell.
  • Illustrations, time lines, and maps show when and where key Bible events happened.
  • Summaries within each book that show you how each section fits into the "big picture."
  • How contemporary discoveries have given new insight into the meanings of Bible passages and customs.
Recommended for grades 3 to 6, ages 8 to 12.

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