Walking by Faith: A Study of Institutionalism

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An understanding of the lessons included in this book would have saved many a church from digression and division over institutional issues. The error of the sponsoring church arrangement for evangelism and church support of colleges and orphan homes is exposed. This is an excellent outline study book on the issues that have divided churches of Christ in the 20th century.

16 lessons, NO questions


  • The Mission of the Church
  • The Sufficiency of the Church of Christ
  • How Scriptural Authority Can Be Established
  • The Bible Doctrine of Expediency
  • When is a New Testament Example Binding?
  • The Church and the Christian Individual
  • The Autonomy of the Local Church
  • The Extend and Limitations of the Authority of Elders
  • How New Testament Congregations Cooperated
  • The Church and Human Organizations
  • The Work of the Church - Evangelism
  • The Work of the Church - Edification
  • The Work of the Church - Benevolence
  • The Problems of Congregational Cooperation
  • The Church Universal and the Church Local
  • The Christian's Obligations in the Interest of Unity in the Church

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