Unraveling Evolution, Revised

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Unraveling Evolution explores the doctrine from a biblical, scientific, and cultural examination of the evidence. This work provides readers with an overview of the major features and failings of the doctrine of naturalistic evolution, as well as a critique of current attempts to couple aspects of the theory with biblical theology. Readers will come away with a better understanding of the controversy and a heightened readiness to respond to evolutionary ideology.

Unraveling Evolution (revised second edition) by microbiologist Joshua Gurtler explores the important issue of macro evolution. As a scientist and Bible believer, Gurtler challenges the validity of this theory so widely accepted in today’s world.

This excellent study offers understandable evidence and argumentation suitable for High School students as well as detailed information in the 13 lessons and 12 appendices to broaden the understanding of adults and college students.


  • Can we trust the Bible as the inspired word of God?”
  • “Is the Bible the Word of God?”
  • Background to Darwinian Evolution.
  • The Failings of Theistic Evolution pt.1.
  • The Failings of Theistic Evolution pt. 2
  • Defeated Neo-Darwinian Dogmas pt. 1.
  • Defeated Neo-Darwinian Dogmas pt. 2
  • Defeated Neo-Darwinian Dogmas pt. 3
  • The Geologic Column, the Fossil Record, the Absence of Transitional Fossils, and the Phenomenon Known as the Cambrian Explosion.
  • Hopeful Monsters: A New Hope.
  • Catastrophism, the Global Flood and the Age of the Earth.
  • The Ape/Man Question.
  • The Social Fruits of Evolutionary Teaching.
  • Appendices
  • Bibliography
The appendices offer charts documenting assertions made in the text, articles exploring specific topics in depth, and quotes from scientists regarding issues explored in the text and the bibliography fully documents all sources cited in the book, allowing the reader to confirm and further study this vital subject.

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