Types & Shadows: and Other Interesting Old Testament Parallels

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Finding Christ in the Old Testament The Old Testament "stories" about Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and Rahab are about real men and women. The tabernacle, the ark of the covenant, feasts, and even notable battles were all real objects, ceremonies, and events; but just beneath the surface - waiting to be discovered - are lessons about Jesus Christ. Types are Old Testament people, events, items, and ceremonies that foreshadow the coming Messiah and His church. In this study you will embark on a journey of discovery to see what might be learned about Jesus Christ, His church, and God's plan for redemption which were hidden in the pages of the Old Testament to later be revealed in the coming Savior. 13 Lessons: 1. What Are Types and Shadows 2. In the Garden: A Plan for Sin 3. The Ark: God and Water 4. Undoing of Bable: The Power of the Word 5. Christ Foreshadowed in Joseph and Moses 6. The Amalekites: The Threat of Satan and Sin 7. Christ the Rock in the Old Testament 8. The Tabernacle as a Type 9. Worship Types: The Ark of the Covenant 10. Leprosy: The Horror of Sin 11. Rahab in Rehab: Salvation in Jericho 12. Cities of Refuge: Finding solace in Christ 13. Mephibosheth: The Grace of a King Answer Key included