Twelve Steps to a Closer Walk with God: The Workbook

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Biblical Questions to Illuminate Your Path to Recovery

For people with any addiction who wish to work through the biblical basis of the 12 steps to recovery.

This workbook is designed to take people from the slavery of any addiction to the freedom of a God-centered life by using the biblical basis of the 12 steps to recovery. Each chapter includes an overview of a step, a first-person story pertaining to that step, biblical passages and fill-ins that make the steps come alive, and markers to chart spiritual growth.

All scriptural citations in this workbook are followed by page numbers in Journey to Recovery Through Christ: CASA's 12-Step Study Bible which utilizes the New American Standard Version of the Bible or you may use any other NASB Bible

176 pages in an 8 ½ by 11" format, 14 chapters

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