Truth for Today Commentary: Jeremiah 26-52 and Lamentations

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Heedless of Jeremiah's warnings, Judah persisted in sin. The people listened to the encouraging words of false prophets and persecuted Jeremiah for speaking the truth.

In the concluding part of this study, Dayton Keesee reviews the ruin of God's chosen nation at the hands of Babylon. The sad story of Jeremiah's ministry culminates with the destruction of Jerusalem even after his lifetime of preaching repentance to avoid complete desolation. The prophet's reaction to the tragic fall of Jerusalem is captured in his brief, poetic Book of Lamentations.

The Truth for Today Commentary series is being written in an effort to complete a commentary on every book in the Bible. This series is being written by Bible professors and preachers of the churches of Christ, congregations dedicated to being the church that Jesus built.

Using the NASB 1995 updated edition, each volume provides remarks on virtually every verse, and each chapter ends with an application section Which offers suggestions for developing sermons and Bible classes

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