Truth Commentary - Psalms Vol. 1 (1-72)

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WARNING: While this book is part of the Truth Commentary Series, it does NOT match the rest of the books in the series in either color or size.

PICTURE SHOWS ACTUAL COVER. A part of the Truth Commentary series, The Book of Psalms (Volume 1), by Evan and Marie Blackmore, examines Psalms 1-72. The book of Psalms is like no other Bible book. It is not only for reading, but for singing (Col. 3:16). It is also the largest collection of God-given prayer material. This commentary, designed for practical use, gives special attention to psalm singing and the use of psalm material in prayer. Each psalm is introduced by a simple summary. Detailed questions of interest to readers or singers are then considered, as well as issues particularly relevant for song leaders and songbook compilers. Contents:
  • Introductory material including a list of Abbreviations and Other Symbols, a List of Illustrations, an Introduction, and Preliminary Notes
  • Chapter 1: The Subjects of the Psalms
  • Chapter 2: Christ in the Psalms
  • Chapter 3 : “I” and “We” in the Psalms
  • Chapter 4: “Thou” and “You” in the Psalms
  • Chapter 5: The Enemies in the Psalms
  • Chapter 6: Names of the Book
  • Chapter 7: Patterns in the Psalms
  • Chapter 8: Text and Translations
  • Chapter 9: Chapter and Verse Divisions
  • Chapter 10: The Inscriptions to the Psalms
  • Chapter 11: Authorship
  • Chapter 12: The Question of Date
  • Chapter 13: Inspiration
  • Chapter 14: The Use of the Psalms Under the New Covenant
  • Chapter 15: Structure
  • Chapter 16: Outline
  • Prologue: Psalms 1-2
  • Part One: Psalms 3-41
  • Part Two: Psalms 42-72 This volume also contains supplemental materials:
  • Appendix I: Response Words in the Psalms (Hallelujah, Selah, and Amen).
  • Appendix II: Special Terms in the Psalm Inscriptions.
  • Appendix III: Superscribed and Subscribed Psalm Inscriptions.
  • Appendix IV: Instrumental Music in the Psalms.
  • Appendix V: Resources for Singing the Psalms.
  • Appendix VI: Systems for Singing or Praying the Psalms Regularly.
  • Appendix VII: References to the Psalms in the New Testament Scriptures. Dimensions: 6.25" x 9.25"