Truth Commentary - Psalms Vol. 1 (1-72)

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Note:  While this book is part of the Truth Commentary Series, it does NOT match the rest of the books in the series in either color or size.


A part of the Truth Commentary series, The Book of Psalms (Volume 1), by Evan and Marie Blackmore, examines Psalms 1-72. The book of Psalms is like no other Bible book. It is not only for reading, but for singing (Col. 3:16). It is also the largest collection of God-given prayer material. This commentary, designed for practical use, gives special attention to psalm singing and the use of psalm material in prayer. Each psalm is introduced by a simple summary. Detailed questions of interest to readers or singers are then considered, as well as issues particularly relevant for song leaders and songbook compilers.

Contents Include:

  • Introductory material including a list of Abbreviations and Other Symbols, a List of Illustrations, an Introduction, and Preliminary Notes
  • Chapter 1: The Subjects of the Psalms
  • Chapter 2: Christ in the Psalms
  • Chapter 3 : “I” and “We” in the Psalms
  • Chapter 4: “Thou” and “You” in the Psalms
  • Chapter 5: The Enemies in the Psalms
  • Chapter 6: Names of the Book
  • Chapter 7: Patterns in the Psalms
  • Chapter 8: Text and Translations
  • Chapter 9: Chapter and Verse Divisions
  • Chapter 10: The Inscriptions to the Psalms
  • Chapter 11: Authorship
  • Chapter 12: The Question of Date
  • Chapter 13: Inspiration
  • Chapter 14: The Use of the Psalms Under the New Covenant
  • Chapter 15: Structure
  • Chapter 16: Outline
  • Prologue: Psalms 1-2
  • Part One: Psalms 3-41
  • Part Two: Psalms 42-72
This volume also contains supplemental materials:
  • Appendix I: Response Words in the Psalms (Hallelujah, Selah, and Amen).
  • Appendix II: Special Terms in the Psalm Inscriptions.
  • Appendix III: Superscribed and Subscribed Psalm Inscriptions.
  • Appendix IV: Instrumental Music in the Psalms.
  • Appendix V: Resources for Singing the Psalms.
  • Appendix VI: Systems for Singing or Praying the Psalms Regularly.
  • Appendix VII: References to the Psalms in the New Testament Scriptures.
Dimensions: 6.25" x 9.25"

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