Truth Commentary Jeremiah - Lamentations

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The commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations was prepared only after having taught these two Books of the Bible many times over a forty year period. The commentary is written from the perspective that the Bible is the inspired, infallible, and complete Word of God. Furthermore, it is the author's conviction that the providential Hand of God has preserved His Word so that today, we have in the Bible (including Jeremiah and Lamentations) every truth that He intends for us to have.

The commentary is not filled with lengthy dissertations concerning the Hebrew original, but rather is intended for the edification of the non-technical student of the Word. Where a definition or discussion of a word or phrase in the Hebrew was deemed helpful, in the author's opinion, this was included. The commentary is sent forth with the fervent desire and humble prayer that it will be helpful, to all who will read it, in understanding what Jeremiah wrote concerning his generation and that the larger context of where the prophet's writings fit in with God's marvelous scheme of redemption will be better understood and appreciated.

588 pages, hardback.

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