The Truth Behind the New Atheism: Responding to the Emerging Challenges to God and Christianity

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The popular and bitter attacks on Christianity continue to escalate in the form of national bestsellers such as The God Delusion, Letter to a Christian Nation, and others. Given the momentum these “new atheists” have gained, it seems as though they are making a powerful case against Christianity. How can those who are believers respond? In The Truth Behind the New Atheism, author David Marshall examines the wrong concepts of God that are being promoted today. Among the questions he deals with are...
  • Is the God of the Bible a cruel savage?
  • Has science refuted the Christian faith?
  • Has the Bible hurt the human race?
  • Is the Christian life based on nothing more than blind faith?
As he refutes the critics, Marshall offers powerful arguments in defense of Christianity—arguments that will enable readers to respond to this new confusion with great confidence and biblical accuracy.

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