To Your Name: A Study of the Psalms Volume 1

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To Your Name is unlike any other books pertaining to the Psalms. It takes the student on a tour of the Psalter. This is not an exhaustive study, but a comprehensive one with each lesson featuring a single psalm, focused on the audience and message. The lesson will help you study the psalm in question in seven different ways: • Overview: A brief look at the psalm itself • An insight into the use of figurative language as it is used in the psalm • Application: A Bible lesson about someone who fits in the scope of the psalm • Comparison: A secondary psalm to study to show the pattern of topic development throughout the Psalter • Identification of modern-day application by case-study • Clarification and deeper insight into a New Testament story through the study of this psalm • Consideration of a current hymn relating to the topic and how to appropriately emphasize concepts taught in the psalms