Those Who Wait: Learning How to Wait on the Lord in an Impatient World

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Waiting. It's almost intolerable! And, yet, your turn to "wait on the Lord" will surely come. For instance, have you ever found yourself waiting. . . . . .for a new baby to come? . . .for the perfect mate to come into your life? . . .for a new job when you've lost yours? . . .for a relative or dear friend to die of some dreaded disease? . . .for your mate or a friend to come to Christ? . . .for God to give you the solution to your emotional turmoil?

Those Who Wait will help you learn how to wait on the Lord in our world of impatience and fast-lane living. It will provide practical suggestions on what to say to your friends who are in a waiting pattern. You will find proven ideas to put into practice in your own life to make waiting a profitable and productive time. This book can be that knot in the end of your rope-read it, and hang on! "Those who wait upon the Lord shall soar on wings like eagles!"

Contents Include:

  • What Are You Waiting For?
  • Isaiah 40-A Context Study
  • Renewing Our Strength
  • Those Who Waited-Joseph and Job
  • Soaring on Wings.
  • While We Wait
  • Those Who Waited-Elijah and Jesus
  • Growing As We Wait
  • What Else Does the Bible Say about Waiting?
  • Waiters, Beware!
  • Helping Those Who Wait
  • Those Who Waited-Paul and the Prodigal Son's Father
  • The Waiting Song

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