This Mystery Is Great: Husbands, Wives & the Bride of Christ

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Two marital relationships affect most Christians. One relationship is between the husband and the wife. The other relationship is between the Lord and His church. Through inspiration, the apostle Paul uses the relationship of the husband and wife to give instructions concerning the relationship between the Christ and His church (Ephesians). By understanding the relationship of one marriage, one is able to understand the relationship of the other marriage. These two marriages are the most important relationships a person can have.

This book examines Paul's instructions in Ephesians 5 in relationship to both marriages. Paul knew by Christians understanding and growing in one relationship they would be equipped to grow in the other relationship.

This workbook contains 24 lessons. Each lesson has a companion lesson. The first lesson regards instructions for the husband and the wife relationship. The companion lessons regard instructions about how Christ and His church are to interact with and for each other. This makes this an ideal study. Each lesson contains references to God's word and discusses practical situations making it a profitable study for anyone.

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