Thinking Through Revelation: A Study Guide and Exposition


Rather than interpreting the visions of Revelation through the fog of twenty centuries of history, L. A. Mott endeavors to look through the eyes of the author, the apostle John. “History must be viewed in the light of Scripture,” he insists, “not the other way around.”

From this standpoint, Mott works like a detective, finding textual keys that unlock doors to understanding the fulfillment John himself would have anticipated. The potential blessings can hardly be overestimated. In these dark days Christians are often tempted to wonder if Satan is winning the war. The answer of Revelation is a resounding, “No!”

A study of Revelation should fill disciples with the victorious spirit of warriors who know in advance that the forces of Good will triumph in the end. If you have shied away from studying the book of Revelation because it seemed incomprehensible, let this study guide inspire you to dive in.