The Work and Qualifications of Elders and Deacons

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A 10-lesson workbook with worksheets on the qualifications of elders, deacons, and their wives. Lesson 10, by Ron Halbrook, is a plan for appointing elders and deacons.

Contents Include:

  • Church Government
  • The Authority of the Eldership
  • The Terms to Describe Elders and Their Responsibilities
  • The Church’s Responsibility to Elders and Number of Elders in a Local Church
  • Attitudes Toward the Qualifications
  • Qualifications of an Elder
  • The Office and Work of a Deacon
  • Qualifications of Deacons
  • Qualifications of the Wives of Church Officers
  • Plan for Appointing Elders and Deacons by Ron Halbrook

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