The Tabernacle Workbook

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Follow the Path of Worship in the Tabernacle Do you ever feel disconnected from God even during worship? Have you struggled to enter into worship, unable to stop thinking about work, your family, and errands you still need to complete? Refresh and remember what worship is all about with The Tabernacle Workbook. The Tabernacle Workbook provides 12 fun lessons packed with 100s of fascinating facts about...
  • The Tabernacle
  • Feasts of the Bible
  • High Priest practices This easy-to-understand Bible resource supplies reproducible worksheets, interactive activities, and visually appealing diagrams that help make the subject of the Tabernacle come alive. Discover the Tabernacle's Old Testament symbolism, realize its modern relevancy, and understand Jesus' connection to the Tabernacle. Follow the Tabernacle's path of worship, and experience a deeper understanding of God's presence and his redemptive plan for salvation.