The Road to Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is a two-way street. Sometimes you need to do the forgiving, and sometimes you need to be forgiven. Whichever side of the street you're on, the road to forgiveness can be a difficult journey. Preparation must be done, obstacles avoided, and delays overcome. You can get lost, get stuck, or just give up. But there is good news! The road to forgiveness been mapped out for you in the best guide available the Bible. Through its pages, you can learn about God's ultimate plan in which Jesus made it possible for you to be forgiven through His grace. You can also learn how to extend forgiveness to others and to yourself.

Contents Include:

  • Which Way Is Forgiveness? (What If They Meant No Harm?)
  • Preparing for the Trip (Are Some People Too Bad to Forgive?)
  • Following the Signs (What Does God Do with Our Sins?)
  • Beyond Road Rage (Why Did Jesus Assert His Authority to Forgive Sins?)
  • Going Beyond the Expected (Did Jesus Give the Apostles the Power to Forgive Sins?)
  • You Can't get there from here (If Jesus Died for Everyone, Why Isn't Everyone Saved?)
  • Shedding Your Baggage (How Can We Forget a Minor Offense Against Us?)
  • Maneuvering Around the Potholes (Do Flashbacks Mean I Am Not Forgiven?)
  • Lost and Going in Circles (Does God Give Up on the Wicked?)
  • Making a U-Turn (What ff They Just Won't Listen?)
  • Patching Things Up (Does God Give Really Forget Our Sins?) 
  • Restoring Something Worth Saving (Was There Complete Forgiveness in the Old Testament?)
  • The Last Few Miles (How Do I Know If I Have Truly Forgiven Someone?)

140 pages. 13 chapters.


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