The Reign of Saul (Junior 2:1)


Discovering God's Way - The Reign of Saul Workbook

Grades 4-6 Junior Year 2, Book 1

By L'Von Qualls

Covers the book of 1 Samuel and the reign of Saul as king over Israel.

Contents Include:

  • Israel Demands a King 
  • Saul Becomes Israel's First King
  • Saul's Victory Over the Ammonites
  • Saul  Disobeys Samuel
  • David Is Chosen as the Next King
  • David Kills Goliath
  • Saul Resents David's Popularity
  • David's Covenant with Jonathan
  • David Spares Saul's Life
  • David Lives Among the Philistines
  • Samuel Predicts Saul's Death
  • The End of the Reign of Saul
  • Reviewing the Reign of Saul

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