The Other Side of Youth: "The Good Side"


This book is written especially for you, the youth of the church, with the hope that you will be more aware of your value and importance in a society filled with all manner of evil. It is the good, upright, loyal, godly side of youth that this workbook will emphasize.

Twelve lessons showing the good and admirable traits of young people who stand for what is right.

Topics are as follows:

  • “Ye Are Strong”
  • “The Word of God Abides in You”
  • “Ye Have Overcome the Wicked One”
  • Some Things You Can Surely Know
  • “Choose Ye This Day”
  • Some Pitfalls to Avoid
  • “For All These Things”
  • "Is the Young Man Absalom Safe?”
  • “Thou Art But a Youth”
  • Some Things Young People Need
  • You Have Much Going for You.
Includes a crossword puzzle.

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