The Necessity of Sound Doctrine: A Study of Timothy & Titus (Teen/Adult 6:2)


Discovering God's Way Teen/Adult Year 6 Book 2

A study of 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy and Titus

Lesson Titles:

  • Paul's Concern for Sound Doctrine
  • Crisis at Ephesus
  • God's Men for the Crisis: Timothy and Paul
  • God's Rules: Not Meant to be Broken
  • Dealing With False Doctrine
  • Timothy Instructed About Certain Relationships/Situations
  • God's Order For Each Local Church
  • Sound Doctrine Made Practical
  • Loyalty to Christ Demands Loyalty to Christ's Word
  • Rise Up, O Man of God
  • Preparing for Trying Times
  • Paul Passes the Baton to Timothy
  • Guard the Deposit

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