The Life and Journeys of the Apostle Paul

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This study manual follows the travels of the Apostle Paul throughout the book of Acts. It also takes the writings of Paul's epistles into consideration, placing a brief study of each into the chronology of Paul's travels.

18 Lessons

  • An Introduction to Paul
  • From Antioch to Iconium
  • From Iconium to Antioch
  • Circumcision Contention
  • From Antioch to Thessalonica
  • From Thessalonica to Athens
  • Paul in Athens
  • The Last Leg of the Journey
  • From Antioch to Ephesus
  • From Ephesus to Troas
  • From Troas to Jerusalem
  • Paul in Jerusalem
  • Paul on Trial
  • Paul's Journey to Rome (Part 1)
  • Paul's Journey to Rom (Part 2)
  • After Acts...(Part 1)
  • After Acts...(Part 2)
  • After Acts...(Part 3)

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