The Judges (Junior 1:4)

Discovering God's Way - The Judges Workbook Grades 4-6 Junior Year 1, Book 4 By L'Von Qualls A survey of the time of the judges. Covers the books of Judges and Ruth, and the first few chapters of 1 Samuel. Focuses on the recurring cycle of rebellion and restoration during this period. Contents: • The Canaanites Remain in the Land • God Sends Judges • Deborah Helps the Israelites • Israel Oppressed by the Midianites • Gideon Saves Israel • Abimelech—The Self-Appointed Judge • Israel Ruled by More Judges • Samson and the Philistines • Samson Defeats the Philistines • The Story of Ruth • Samuel Is Dedicated to God • The Ark Is Captured • Reviewing the Period of the Judges

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