The Gospel Argument for God, Revised (2014)

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Herein is the argument for God's existence based upon the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

from the "Foreword":
"What follows is a contention for the existence of God that is at once both logical and scholarly. Kenny "Tack" Chumbley will state his case in the first chapter when he writes: 'the historical Jesus proved Himself to be God by doing things only God can do.' Using the empirical evidence of the observed life of Jesus, the author will make his case for the existence of God using the testimony found in the first-century gospel documents. He will not assume the legitimacy of these documents, but will test them with the same exacting criteria and proven standards that historians use for all primary source documents to determine reliability."

Contents Include:

  • The Argument Stated
  • Is It Faith if You Can Prove It?
  • The Reliability of the Gospels
  • The Internal Test
  • The External Test
  • The Crucial Evidence
  • Naturalistic Explanations for the Empty Tomb
  • Supernatural Explanation for the Empty Tomb
  • Cross-Examining the Witnesses
  • What Unbelievers Believe
  • The Problem of Evil
  • Inspiration and Canon
  • Remember That Jesus Christ Was Raised from the Dead