The Domino Effect: Changing Your Life One Decision at a Time

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Each decision you make in life warrants another decision, creating a series of events not unlike dominoes falling. Who are you looking to as you make your choices? Study how to change your life one decision at a time.

13 lessons with discussion questions

  • 1. Decisions Make a Difference: Why are They so Important
  • 2. Personal Accountability: Good Over Evil - Excellence Over Mediocrity
  • 3. God's way Versus Our Way: Putting Aside Personal Desires
  • 4. Going By "the Book": Bible-Based Decisions
  • 5. To God Be the Glory: God-Glorifying Decisions
  • 6. Act Like Jesus: Christ-Imitating Decisions
  • 7. Top Priority: Kingdom-Seeking Decisions
  • 8. Do Unto Others: Golden Rule-Guided Decisions
  • 9. The Power of Prayer: Prayer-Saturated Decisions
  • 10. Ambassadors for Christ: Influence-Guarding Decisions
  • 11. Whatever Your Think: Thought-Purifying Decisions
  • 12. Heaven or Hell?: Eternity-Minded Decisions
  • 13. Learning From Our Mistakes: How to Handle Bad Decisions