The Divided Kingdom to the Return (Preschool 1:4)

Discovering God's Way - The Divided Kingdom to the Return Preschool Year 1, Book 4 Ages 4-5 Student book Divided Kingdom Through the Return completes the introduction to the student of the chronological overview of the Old Testament. Contents: • Elijah and the Ravens/Elijah and the Widow • Elijah and False Prophets/Elijah Flees From Jezebel • The Chariot of Fire/Elisha and the Pot of Oil • the Shunammite Woman/Elisha Heals Naaman • Jonah Runs Away/The Big Fish • Isaiah Warns God's People/Isaiah Tells People That Christ Will Come • Israel Is Captured: Why Israel Was Punished/Judah is Given Another Chance • God Punishes Judah: The Babylonians Take Daniel and Destroy Jerusalem/Daniel Explains the King's Dream • The Fiery Furnace/Daniel and the Lions • Jeremiah/Ezekiel • How Esther Becomes Queen/Esther Saves Her People • The Jews Return to Jerusalem/The Temple Is Rebuild • Nehemiah and Ezra