The Devil, Demons, and Angels

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What does the Bible say about the origin of Satan, the demons who help him, and the angels of God? There is a lot of speculation about these things, but only the Bible can definitively give us answers about this unseen realm. This workbook doesn't seek to speculate,but rather to give us a guide to study through the Bible on this topic. Contents: 1. Why Study This? 2. Origins 3. Satan's Character 4. Satan's Character - Names/Descriptions of the Devil 5. Satan's Snares 6. Demons and Unclean Spirits 7. Demon Possession 8. Our Fight With Satan & His Angels 9. Angels in the Old Testament 10. Angels in the Old Testament (2) 11. Angels in the Life of Christ 12. Angels in the New Testament 13. Angels in the New Testament (2)