The Complete Illustrated Children's Bible Dictionary

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Awesome A-to-Z Definitions to Help You Understand God's Word Help your child learn the words of the Bible! Based on the bestselling title, The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible (over 140,000 sold), this amazing dictionary that will help your child, age 9-12, gain a greater understanding of the new and oftentimes confusing words he encounters while reading the Bible.

Packed with hundreds of easy-to-understand definitions and helpful illustrations, your child will learn more about the words in the Bible and be able to better conceptualize key biblical concepts as a result.

From A to Z, watch your child’s Bible comprehension grow as he gains confidence by looking up and learning the definitions on his own, sharpening his reading and vocabulary skills along the way. The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible Dictionary is a fun and creative way for your child to engage with God’s Word and makes a great companion to The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible.

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